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  • Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Training


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    career assessment and psychometric test coach

    I provide consultancy, leadership skills development, and coaching for personal effectiveness and optimal performance.

    the best career fit for you

    In career assessment and coaching sessions with me, I work with you to find out what is holding you back and show you how to overcome it. You will get:

    Personalised feedback that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses

    psychometric test
    boost your performance

    Coaching sessions that help you leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses effectively

    Recruitment and internship opportunities in leading companies worldwide

    Optimize your performance. Achieve more than ever before

    My team and I provide coaching and mentoring opportunities for executives, early-career starters, and organisations that want to explore new ideas or identify areas of improvement.

    Acing psychometric tests

    Employers typically use psychometric tests to measure a prospective job candidate’s cognitive ability, personality or work behaviour.

    The results of the test, together with other parameters, help them to determine what position or career path best fits the candidate.

    In Nigeria currently, psychometric tests are largely tilted towards schools and companies, and are not yet commonplace for individuals. However, it is crucial that you know how to ace these tests on your own, as acing a psychometric test can boost your chances at a competitive company.

    When my fellow coaches and I work with you, we help you prepare by working on test questions and answers so that you can practice ahead of job applications and give you realistic expectations of your performance ahead of time.

    Management consulting services

    Learn how we can help your organisation improve overall performance with our management consulting services which include strategy development and implementation support.

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